White Doves of Noosa
White Doves of Noosa - Weddings
White Doves of Noosa - Weddings

What Doves mean to Peter.

Peter has for many years been dedicated to providing a professional service and a really memorable experience for his clients.

Peter is devoted to his birds and dove with forest background dedicated to presenting professional white dove releases. We look forward to working with you to help present an event of a lifetime! Many hours go into their training ensuring that when released from a site they will return home. Our birds live and love to fly!

The release of our beautiful White Doves, adds a very special element to Weddings, Funerals, Festivals, Parades, Anniversaries, Peace Ceremonies, Graduations, Anzac Day Celebrations and Farewells and more.

White Doves of Noosa happily services the entire Sunshine Coast.

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