A White Dove Release at a Funeral or
Memorial Service is a healing and peaceful tribute.
A beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye… wonderful closure.

The releasing of doves brings a feeling of weight and sorrow being lifted off your shoulders as the spirit of your loved one soars skyward into the heavens above.

One snow white dove can be released in memory of your loved one.

As the White Spirit Dove circles above other Doves can be released from family members releasing their memories of their loved one.

The doves join together in the sky as a flock and together they make their journey home.

Or you may wish to have a beautiful flock release.

We will work closely with your funeral directors to ensure a peaceful and timely release.

We have an assortment of release baskets to choose from and you may decide to hand release the birds or have them released directly from the basket.

Interested in having a Dove Release at a Funeral ~ Call / Enquire >

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